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Doctor(ates) without Borders: Teleos Consultants Go To Zambia

Recently, Teleos consultants, Gretchen Schmelzer and Eddy Mwelwa, with Professor Barbara Okun of Northeastern University and intern Jessica Eisenbach, visited Cavendish University Zambia (CUZ) at the invitation of the university to conduct a needs analysis for a PhD program. Zambian students interested in pursuing PhD studies must leave Zambia, because there is currently no PhD program in country. Continue reading

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Making Emotional Intelligence Sticky

The literature has long shown that the long-term outcomes of development programs fall below expectations after participants leave the program. In fact, there is little post-training reinforcement or support in the development of new positive habits. Continue reading

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All Communication Is a Form of Storytelling

His eyes lit up instantly and he became visibly excited. He told me that 30 years ago he used to write for a local paper on sports and that he loved it. He had never thought about that experience again—until now. Continue reading

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When Self Management Means Letting It All Hang Out

What should we do when things are really awful? When our health is on the brink, when a loved one is ill or dies, or when tragedy strikes? Does self management mean “hold on, buck up, put on a game face and carry on? I think not.
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Renewal: The Work of Relaxing

Personal renewal is, well, personal. What increases my resilience might not work for you, and vice versa. For instance, meditation might be a powerful tool for some while exercise might be just as effective for others. Continue reading

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Myth #1: IQ Is Enough for Great Leadership

Clearly, you have to be talented, smart, and experienced to lead a complex organization or institution. But this isn’t enough. Continue reading

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