Myth #1: IQ Is Enough for Great Leadership

Clearly, you have to be talented, smart, and experienced to lead a complex organization or institution. But this isn’t enough. The research tells us that cognitive intelligence-IQ-is simply baseline. In other words, you have to be smart to get in the door. Competencies related to emotional and social intelligence—not IQ, college degrees, or technological experience—are the single most important factors in distinguishing great leadership from average leadership.

Emotional intelligence enables leaders to deal with their own internal responses, moods, and states of mind. Social intelligence informs how we understand and interact with others. Leaders who have developed emotional and social intelligence are effective because they act in ways that leave the people around them feeling stronger and more capable. At best, they create an environment that is exciting, challenging, and supportive-one that can sustain collective success over the long term.

As a resonant leader, you need to pay particular attention to your emotional state and how you affect people. They are watching you all the time, judging your feelings and moods, and trying to predict what you need, want, and will do.

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