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When Systems Need to Heal: Guidelines for Organizational Mending

If we replace “organization change” with the term “organizational mending,” we give ourselves and the system permission to address both the transactional and the emotional work needed to deal with the past and move forward toward a more hopeful future. Continue reading

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Teleos among the guests at West Point to honor the legendary, Frances Hesselbein

Kristin Von Donop and Chris Allen Thomas, from Teleos, were among the honored guests for the event on April 28, 2011, where West Point honored Frances Hesselbein with a farewell reception to recognize her mentorship of military cadets. She served … Continue reading

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Frontline production, The Silence, airs on PBS

Teleos senior consultant, Dr. Gretchen Schmelzer, has been consulting on a film and television production project for the documentary film The Silence, which aired on April 19, 2011 on Frontline regarding priest sexual abuse in a Native Alaskan Village to … Continue reading

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Developing Your Brain Trust: Reciprocity and Trust in Leadership Mentoring

It’s a complex world. Often, it is simply too much to expect a single individual to hold all your mentoring needs. Develop a network of people you trust for high quality knowledge based on expertise in their fields and on personal experience—a “mentoring network,” or a value chain of expertise which you can leverage depending on the context and the task. Continue reading

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The Leadership Moment in Japan

This isn’t just an opportunity for Japanese leaders. Today, leaders everywhere need to step up the kind of conversations we are having about our organizations, and our world. We need to go one step further when we build new routines for a new world. We need to pause and listen. We need to prioritize our time to understand the diversity and enormity of the visions held by people in our organizations for the future. Continue reading

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Entertaining Justice—Judges with Emotional Intelligence

Why are we opening our home to just about everyone we know and potentially everyone they know? Because justice here in Philadelphia and in your community, is a very important principle that each citizen needs to ensure, however we can. Here in the United States we have the luxury of falling into mindlessness about this, while our fellow humans in the Middle East and other parts of the world, are protesting and being killed to gain the right to a fair trial. Continue reading

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On Bin Laden’s Death, Consider Martin Luther King Jr: “Returning Violence for Violence Multiplies Violence”

While we consider the death of Bin Laden, let us not forget the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence.” Continue reading

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