Frontline production, The Silence, airs on PBS

Teleos senior consultant, Dr. Gretchen Schmelzer, has been consulting on a film and television production project for the documentary film The Silence, which aired on April 19, 2011 on Frontline regarding priest sexual abuse in a Native Alaskan Village to ensure adequate resources for viewers and for proper follow on support for trauma survivors.

Dr Schmelzer’s expertise in long term trauma was also used to inform the design and delivery of a four year large scale intervention for the UN in Cambodia. She and her Teleos colleagues worked with 150 leaders each year who were survivors of the Khmer Rouge in a large scale leadership initiative to strengthen the county’s response to HIV/AIDS. The program integrated work in self-awareness and self-regulation, gender issues, communication skills, relational skills and action learning. This program was rated one of the most successful leadership development programs run through the United Nations Development Programme by an independent research team.

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