Annie McKee profiled in Leader to Leader’s September 2011 e-Newsletter

Board Notes from Leader to Leader’s September 2011 e-Newsletter

Board members are the custodians of public trust and carry a tough fiduciary responsibility, including their engagement in exciting dialogue and service on a board of directors. It is a great adventure in civic responsibility.

Annie McKeeAnnie McKee is a leadership expert who believes emotional intelligence should be the core of management leadership. Co-author of bestselling management book, Primal Leadership, McKee’s latest book, Principles of Management is slated to serve as a wakeup call to dated MBA programs, providing students with contemporary leadership guidelines most applicable and useful for future managers.

Her primary focus on emotional intelligence is far from a theoretical concept—McKee incorporates this strategy every day in her work with theTeleos Leadership Institute, which she founded in 2001 with Dr. Frances Johnson. McKee, who holds a PhD. in Organizational Behavior, runs Teleos as a “different kind of consulting firm”, one that “puts people, their lives and their relationships on the same level as their business needs,” says Suzanne Rotondo, Executive Director.

Pulling expertise from her education in organizational conduct, McKee spent five years in South Africa studying ways to slow the spread of HIV and AIDS using leadership. Developing leaders on all levels, McKee worked with community leaders, helping them to embrace broad societal changes, reflecting a commitment to social justice and a determination to leave the world a better place.

McKee’s leadership expertise pulls from a range of experiences, but it all follows the theme of leading from the heart. Her lessons in South Africa, her achievements as an author, her position as a business leader and even her role as the mother of four children serve to make her the ongoing “high priestess of executive coaching” as declared by Business Week in 2005.

McKee’s work with Leader to Leader Institute centers around her engagement with programs and marketing and we are excited to formally welcome Annie to our board. We look forward to profiling her Leadership Dialogues video online soon.

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