Teleos and The Future Project: 2 Out of 3 Students Say They Are Bored

The Future Project

We’re delighted to support the inspiring and applied efforts of The Future Project, where adults sign on to coach a student once a week for a year. Teleos is helping to train the coaches for this incredible national effort.

Excerpt From The Future Project website:

Two in three high-school students say they are bored in class every day. Three in five say they do not see value in what they are learning. One in four students drops out before graduation. Three in four are not prepared for college. And one in three teachers say that their students are not prepared for one primary reason: they are not motivated.

We rarely as a nation talk about this epidemic of apathy, and yet when students are not inspired, they don’t learn. Despite heroic efforts by teachers and school administrators, our system has evolved to prevent inspiration rather than cultivate it. This means that many students don’t trust in their own dreams or take the necessary actions to fulfill them.

The Future Project doesn’t accept this reality.

We imagine a world in which everyone is inspired and in which inspiration is spread through partnerships and projects. Our mission is to give all students the opportunity to have a partner and project in inspiration for every year of high school.

Learn more from the newest inspiring video and how the White House supports these innovative non-profit leaders:

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