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Pederson, Passion and Players

Pederson, Passion, and Players  It’s been over a week since the Eagles defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl and the city of Philadelphia is still buzzing, with many people reflecting over the past season and how the underdog Eagles … Continue reading

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On Service and Participatory Democracy

I sit with 400 other Philadelphians in the Jury empaneling room. 400 people a day leave their everyday lives to come and sit in service of our democracy. I love jury duty. I love being reminded by my physical action … Continue reading

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Komen Crisis: How to Kill a Movement

All hell broke loose with the news and the organization found itself on its proverbial back high heel. Other organizations would kill for this kind of engagement and attention. But what did Komen do? They made the two big mistakes so many other leaders of successful companies and organizations have done through the years: the Komen for the Cure leadership took their supporters for granted and are now having trouble admitting they did anything wrong. Continue reading

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Gratitude (and Gifts): The Parent of All Virtues

Maslow identified this ability as core to the success of self-actualized human beings. When we can experience and express gratitude we see wonder and find joy in even the most mundane things, and in the face of great hardship. Continue reading

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Beyond the Pink: Wake-Up Calls and What I Learned from Cancer

Teleos co-founder, Fran Johnston, writes about her six year journey with cancer. What shocked her, what transformed her, and what has helped heal her. Continue reading

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Beyond the Pink: Wake-Up Calls and What I Learned from Cancer

When I see professional football players wearing pink cleats, gloves and ribbons in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am impressed. I love that with the power of marketing and merchandising, millions of people now associate the color pink … Continue reading

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Exercise: My Breast Cancer Social Web

Where Do I Belong? The purpose of this exercise is to help you see the variety and number of relationships you have as it relates to breast cancer, to reflect on the characteristics of these relationships and consider if you … Continue reading

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Entertaining Justice—Judges with Emotional Intelligence

Why are we opening our home to just about everyone we know and potentially everyone they know? Because justice here in Philadelphia and in your community, is a very important principle that each citizen needs to ensure, however we can. Here in the United States we have the luxury of falling into mindlessness about this, while our fellow humans in the Middle East and other parts of the world, are protesting and being killed to gain the right to a fair trial. Continue reading

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When I speak about emotional intelligence and resonant leadership, I often hear the following comment, “I like what you are saying, but it looks to me that the ones who get ahead are the ruthless ones, the ones that match their strategies to the preferences of the people at the top.”

I know the questioner is wrestling with how to lead from their values and staying true to their beliefs. It may not be easy, but being attuned to your values and being the leader and person you would want your kids to be proud of, does work in business. My former coachee is happy, affirmed, and has no regrets.

As I look back on our many sessions together where he talked openly about his frustration and hurt, I also recall his frequent expression of hope. He believed in the wisdom of his approach to the business, so he persevered and stuck with the company long enough to see his dreams realized. And that makes me happy.
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