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Coaching from the Heart – Not the Head

As a new coach, I spent a lot of time in my head, reading about coaching models, focusing on and thinking about the words the person was using in the engagement and most of all, spinning my mental wheels trying … Continue reading

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Goodbye MBTI – Hello DISC

    At the heart of all we do at Teleos is self-awareness. Without self-awareness, it is difficult to self-manage, understand the emotions of others and skillfully manage relationships. Self-awareness is also important because it gives us choice – choice … Continue reading

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Leading Without Formal Authority

In today’s complex and often matrixed organizations, many leaders find themselves in a now all-too-common predicament: having accountability for an outcome with no authority over those responsible to help bring it to completion. Figuring out which levers to pull to … Continue reading

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A Case for In-Person Coaching

The reality of our modern and connected world is that many coaching sessions happen virtually these days, either by phone or by using extremely effective and affordable technology like Skype and Facetime. Overall, the use of technology in coaching is … Continue reading

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A Coach’s Greatest Contribution

Executive coaches bring many skills with them into a coaching engagement: an ability to facilitate adult development and change, a knowledge of systems, keen observation and powerful questioning are among a few. But, one of the most impactful capabilities of … Continue reading

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Musings from an Employed “Emerging Adult”

There used to be 4 life stages. Now there are 6… at least according to New York Times columnist, David Brooks. From what I’ve read, and personally observed as a 26-year-old passing through Odyssey, there seems to be 4 major things that define this life stage. Continue reading

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