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Annie McKee featured in new HBR.org piece, “Dealing with Your Incompetent Boss,”

http://blogs.hbr.org/hmu/2011/06/dealing-with-your-incompetent.html Excerpt: Think twice before ratting anyone out When you’re working for someone who isn’t getting the job done, it can be tempting to go to your boss’s boss or another leader in the organization. First consider the consequences. “Hierarchy … Continue reading

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The Leadership Moment in Japan

This isn’t just an opportunity for Japanese leaders. Today, leaders everywhere need to step up the kind of conversations we are having about our organizations, and our world. We need to go one step further when we build new routines for a new world. We need to pause and listen. We need to prioritize our time to understand the diversity and enormity of the visions held by people in our organizations for the future. Continue reading

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How To Catch a Monkey

I was suffering all week as I was mulling over an idea that explains how leaders can harness resistance to propel their organizations forward. Because it was so wonderful, I had a hard time letting go of it. Continue reading

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